Wolf legal status and management

Today the wolf in Slovenia and Croatia is protected all year and is on the list of rare and threatened animal species.

In 2004, with the changes in legislation in the field of nature conservation and hunting, the wolf remained a protected species and thus lost the status of game. The systematic monitoring of the wolf is carried out from 2010 onwards.

The ministry responsible, based on population data, sightings and the number of wolves culled in the previous period, as well as based on damage to livestock and other data, can approve the exceptional shooting of a predetermined number of animals. Culling is restricted to a given time period and is spatially distributed across regions. The decision is issued for each year separately.

The size of the wolf population has a long-term trend of moderate growth. The Wine Protection Regulations in Slovenia are regulated by the Decree on Protected Wildlife Species, which also specifies the conditions for interventions in the population. From 2004 onwards, an extraordinary culling of the wolf takes place with decisions issued by the Ministry responsible for wildlife and hunting.

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