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Mašun is an old forestry post in the heart of Snežnik forest massive. Its origins date back to 19th century. Today it serves as a pleasant tourist destination. All around Mašun there are magnificent silver fir-beech forests which offer many nice hiking trails. There is also the possibility to visit educational forest path or Forest house Mašun, which offers refreshments.  Because of the permanent presence of all three large carnivore species in this area it is possible to find some signs of their presence while hiking around Mašun.


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Slovenia Forest Service
Regional unit Postojna
Vojkova 9, 6230 Postojna
T 00386 5 7000 610

National Park Risnjak

Risnjak National Park is situated in the region of Gorski kotar, also known as the green heart of Croatia. It was founded in 1953. and the main protection phenomenon is the forest and hydrogeological natural monument – Kupa spring.

There are around 30 flora associations growing in the Park, 14 of which are forest associations and one of the most beautifully expressed phenomena of karst sinkhole vegetation can also be seen in the Park. All three large carnivores of Europe roam around the Park as it is their natural habitat.

The Risnjak national park forms strong climate and vegetation barrier between coastal and continental parts of Croatia but can be also seen as a natural bond between the Alps and the Balkan mountains.

NP Risnjak is an ideal destination for everyone seeking active holidays (especially hiking) and spending time in unspoilt nature. NP Risnjak also offers educational programmes (forest pedagogy and school in nature) as well as fly fishing on river Kupa.

  • The whiteness of rock of the Risnjak massif is dominating the green landscape of Gorski kotar. At 1528 meters above sea level, one has a splendid view of the Bay of Kvarner, Istria, the Alps in neighbouring Slovenia – a view that will surely be committed to memory. One can approach the peak from several directions and timeframe ranges from less than an hour (entrance Vilje) to three hours in one direction (Crni Lug). Just below the peak, there is a mountain lodge that offers refreshments during the hotter period of the year.
  • The spring of the Kupa River is one of the many still unresolved karst puzzles and one of the strongest, most widespread and deepest Croatian springs. At an altitude of 321 m, the water mass formed a turquoise lake of green-blue colour that will enchant you with its appearance. The upper course of the Kupa River is, due to the richness of flora and fauna, called the Valley of the Butterflies. There are also two visitor centres near the source: The Birt-house of river Kupa and the Montane house of knowledge. Access to the spring is possible from several directions (Razloge, Kupari, Hrvatsko) and takes between one hour and a half to three hours of walking, depending on the direction one is coming from.


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NP Risnjak
Bijela Vodica 48
Crni Lug
T: +385 (0)51 836 133, +385 (0)51 836 261

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