The Municipality of Pivka will arrange a Center for raising awareness about the coexistence of a man and large carnivores and guideness of visitors in Krpan's home in Pivka.

An interactive exhibition, which will encourage visitors to get the experience with all the senses and encourage also the reflection, will be arranged on approximately 400 square meters of unused space in Krpanov dom. While preserving the role of Krpan’s home as a public space intended for all inhabitants of Pivka, the exhibition hall (the reception desk), the MMC classroom and the current gallery space will also be partly adapted to the exhibition space.

After the opening of the center, the employees will present the biology in the ecology of the large carnivores of the Dinaric-Karst region (Slovenia, Croatia). Through the activation of stakeholders, they will continuously and comprehensively raise awareness among visitors, residents, professional and other interested public about the importance of conserving large carnivores and their ecosystem servicies.

Slovenia and Croatia are developing a strategy for the conservation of large carnivores. In the frame of Carnivora Dinarica and other related projects experts are developing and testing new scientific findings, a number of pilot actions, examples of good practices and didactic material. All of these tools will be displayed in a single place, at the center, which will permanently take care of understanding large carnivores among residents and visitors. In this way and in a sustainable way the center will contribute to the reducing conflicts and improving the state of the population of large carnivores in the cross-border area, which is the main objective of the project.

The center will also be the focal point for directing visitors to the entire area of ​​the North Dinarides. Combined all demo points developed in the Carnivora Dinarica project (good practice farm, Forest House Mašun etc.), as well as the information of natural parks and the tourist providers in the cross-border area related to large carnivores. Due to the efforts to represent large carnivores in Pivka center (in the urban environment) the pressure of visitors will be reduced to the living space of large carnivores.

In awareness-raising center in Pivka we will place an interactive exhibition on the topic of large carnivores and coexistence of humans and large carnivores.

The Center will be the central point of the Slovenian and Croatian Dinaric space for displaying and spreading all the tools and knowledge about large carnivores as well as guiding visitors across the entire Northern Dinarides.

Interactive exhibition

The interpretation plan for the center is in the final stage.


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