Project activities

Joint approaches and knowledge of cross-border management of large carnivores

Croatia and Slovenia share three populations of large carnivores – lynx, wolf, and bear. Firstly, animals don’t know the borders …

Strengthening local capacity to raise coexistence levels between people and large carnivores

A positive change in the relationship between people and large carnivores should first be achieved locally, with people who work and live within …

Practical demonstration activities for the conservation of large carnivores

Coexistence of people and bear, lynx and wolf is possible, and there are many examples of good practices showing how is that achievable and sustainable.

Center for guidance of visitors and raising awareness about the coexistence between people and large carnivores

In the project area of Croatia and Slovenia there are numerous scientific discoveries, tools and good practices that are not sufficiently communicated …

Communication activities

Telling the stories about Natural world…and our part in protecting it, forms the nexus of what we do. I can think of no skill more important to our work.

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