Large carnivores as an apex predators are essential for maintaining a natural dynamic equilibrium among species. Large carnivores also play a key role in keeping in check ungulates that otherwise would over browse landscapes that support a healthy diversity of species.

Education has a crucial role in a long-term large carnivore conservation. It increases knowledge about them and understanding about the importance of their conservation.

Within working package T.2  our main target are science teachers in primary and secondary schools. By preparing a didactic educational kit about coexistence with large carnivores and implementing seminars we aim to modernize/ actualize, deepen their knowledge and to incorporate the information to their yearly curriculum. We are aware that teachers carry important role in transferring knowledge to children and developing their responsible attitudes toward large carnivores and nature.


Educational materials for schools, scouting organizations, tourist agencies and everybody that is interesting learning about large carnivores and their conservation:


Brown Bear

Many important informative and educational publications were made within LIFE DINALP BEAR project.

Eurasian Lynx

  • Handout about the project LIFE LYNX (PDF)
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