Joint approaches and knowledge of cross-border management of large carnivores


Croatia and Slovenia share three populations of large carnivores – lynx, wolf, and bear. Firstly, animals don’t know the borders. And secondly, due to the need for space and the consequent danger of mating with relatives, large carnivores cannot keep up and develop lonely within the country. That is why participation of both states in the management of populations is needed.


The purpose of this working package activities is to fill the gaps with the concrete measures in cross-border management of large carnivores populations in the area northern Dinarides.


Through following activities:

  • Improving cross-border cooperation in large carnivores’ management with a focus on harmonization of wolf and lynx monitoring;
  • Researching the connection of cross-border habitats of large carnivores with the definition of “hot spots” and recommendations for directing the use of space (preventing fragmentation of space);
  • Researching the value of large carnivores through ecosystem services evaluation.


  • Report on mobility and habitats connectivity of large carnivores
  • A set of equipment for telemetry and monitoring of large carnivores
  • Popular publication on research
  • A report on research into large-scale ecosystem services involving:
    • the dietary ecology of large carnivores with recommendations to improve population management and coexistence between people and large carnivores
    • Recognizing cultural services of large carnivores for ecosystems with emphasis on services in tourism, recreation and education
  • The gas chromatograph – an instrument that provides understanding of eating habits for all three animals.
  • A popular publication on large carnivores ecosystem services.
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