Strengthening local capacity to raise coexistence levels between people and large carnivores


A positive change in the relationship between people and large carnivores should first be achieved locally, with people who work and live within and on the border of the cross-border area of large carnivores.


Increased knowledge of the professional public and citizens about the importance of conservation of large carnivores, their ecosystem services, security measures and ways of coexistence between people and large carnivores. All together 250 local stakeholders, decision makers, journalists and the population of target areas: 30 teachers, 70 different local stakeholders and decision-makers,  as well as 150 local residents


  • Training of 30 science teachers
  • Training of 70 local stakeholders (municipal experts responsible for spatial planning and agriculture, economic operators, foresters, beekeepers, farmers, police officers, claimants, agricultural advisers, journalists, NGOs …)
  • Practical workshops for 150 local residents for better understanding large carnivores and measures that are providing better coexistence


  • A didactic material kit about large carnivores for natural sciences teachers in project area
  • Development, creation and installation of didactic corners in elementary schools
  • Development of concept, methodology and materials for workshops and trainings for teachers, stakeholders and local residents
  • Training Reports, workshop conclusions, and evaluation of success
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