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What a difference large carnivores make?

There are four main groups of ecosystem services: provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural. Ecosystems need to be healthy in order to maintain the health of all living things within and around them, including humans. Check out our new poster about the roles of large carnivores and find out more!


1st meeting on cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in managing large carnivore populations

1st bilateral meeting on cross-border large carnivores’ population management focused on management and monitoring …

How to behave

How to behave

Large carnivores have instinctive fear of humans so they avoid encounters as much as possible. That is also one of the reasons why they are so rarely seen in nature. These animals perceive human beings as potential danger and not as a prey.



Cross-border cooperation and ecosystem services in the long-term preservation of large carnivores populations in the northern Dinarides.

Project activities

Joint approaches and knowledge of cross-border management of large carnivores

Croatia and Slovenia share three populations of large carnivores – lynx, wolf, and bear. Firstly, animals don’t know the borders …

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