Center for guidance of visitors and raising awareness about the coexistence between people and large carnivores


In the project area of Croatia and Slovenia there are numerous scientific discoveries, tools and good practices that are not sufficiently communicated to the wider community. All those valuable information often stay in smaller groups of experts and professionals while wider community doesn’t have approach to it.

Therefore, it is of great importance to have a center that brings all this knowledge to both, local communities and visitors. The center that will continually and comprehensively focus on raising awareness and guiding the visitors, local communities, and professionals about the importance of conservation of wolf, bear, and lynx, about their ecosystem services,  as well as the various ways of better coexistence between humans and large carnivores.


The municipality of Pivka will, in an existing building of Krpanov dom, open the center which will be the main cross-border center for raising awareness of the importance of conservation and coexistence between people and large carnivores in the Dinaric-Alpine area.

The center will also be the focal point for directing visitors to the entire area of ​​the North Dinarides. Due to the efforts of presenting large carnivores in Pivka center (in the urban environment) the pressure on the living area of large carnivores will be reduced.


Municipality Pivka will, in the final phase and after the project, take care to further guide and raise awareness of visitors, spread good agricultural, traffic and other practices demonstrated in the project as well as promote friendly behaviors towards the bear, wolf and lynx among the local community in the project area.

The residents, school groups, young people, farmers, teachers, hunters, volunteers, and other visitors will, from various aspects, get to know large carnivores better as well as get some practical advices on how to live better with bear, wolf and lynx. In this way, the center will contribute in the long term to a better coexistence of people and large carnivores in the area.


For a complete presentation and approach to a different targeted audience, a part of the existing space will be redesigned to:

  • Interactive exhibition space for raising awareness of importance of conservation of large carnivores (photos, videos, animations, multimedia, 3D presentations…)
  • Small hall / classroom
  • Information desk for visitors to the entrance area
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