Communication activities


“Telling the stories about Natural world…and our part in protecting it, forms the nexus of what we do. I can think of no skill more important to our work.”  (Carter Roberts, CEO WWF 2013)


Local communities, hunters, farmers, beekeepers, experts, visitors and wider audience are getting better understanding about importance of our neighbors – bear, wolf and lynx. Raised awareness and improved knowledge of how to change behavior and start to use innovative solutions will benefit both people and large carnivores.


General project communication goals:

  • Increase of knowledge (stakeholders)
  • Change of behavior (local community and visitors)
  • Raising awareness (general public)

In order to raise awareness and influence on change in behavior of people a whole series of communication activities and materials will be designed. You will be able to learn more about bear, wolf and lynx, tips on behavior in their living area, as well as successful coexistence practices in our magazines, flyers, publications, videos, various promo materials, social media – follow us here, and  in many Croatian and Slovenian national and local media.


  • Communication strategy and activity implementation plan (includes brand book)
  • Kick off event – read about it here!
  • Roll-ups
  • 2 publications
    • About the project research
    • About ecosystem services
  • 6 flyers
    • About demo measures in agriculture
    • Visitors management – Leska
    • Visitors management – Snežnik
    • Visitors management – Kupa
    • We are people, guests in nature
    • Info center in Pivka
  • 2 magazines
  • Various promotional materials (shirts, backpacks, bottles, caps…)
  • Web site – welcome here ☺
  • Facebook page – find it here!
  • 8 Video movies
    • 1 educational film (duration 10 minutes)
    • 7 short films (duration 2-3 minutes)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Final Event
  • Press conferences
  • Presentations on other events
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