1st meeting on cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in managing large carnivore populations

1st bilateral meeting on cross-border large carnivores’ population management focused on management and monitoring of the wolf population. Representatives of ministries, relevant public bodies and other organizations of both countries were invited.

Management decisions on one side of the border affect the status of populations on the other side of the border and vice versa. The basis for any cooperation is comparable data obtained through the harmonized monitoring of large carnivore populations.

Slovenia Forest Service and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Zagreb presented and compared existing measures and regimes for management and monitoring of wolf population in Slovenia and Croatia. The presentations were followed by a discussion of different challenges and gaps preventing cross-border cooperation and common protocol proposals. Croatia is working towards setting up a systematic national wolf population monitoring, partly building on the already established successful practices from Slovenia.

The participants agreed that only with science-based coordinated monitoring and cooperation from both countries it is possible to properly manage and maintain wolf population in the Northern Dinarides.

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