Mašun – Snežnik

One of the goals of the project “Carnivora Dinarica” Interreg Slovenia–Croatia is a better and more efficient cross-border management of large carnivore populations in Croatia and Slovenia.

To achieve this, project partners carry out a number of activities, one of which is education of the public.

To this end, in addition to various workshops, the project also includes the printing of numerous publications on topics related to large carnivores. The educational and communication component of the project has been financially supported by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

The leaflet “Mašun-Snežnik” is an infosheet

that helps you learn about large carnivores in the heart of the vast Snežnik forests on the Mašun educational forest trail and the permanent exhibition in the Mašun forest house. Learning about the life of large carnivores is important for their protection and for successful coexistence with them, so take some time, get involved and get to know the richness and diversity of forests and their various inhabitants, with special emphasis on all three species of large carnivores—wolf, bear and lynx.

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